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Choosing a Pole Dancing Fitness Pole

Fitness PoleSo your finally ready for your own personal pole fitness pole. Which pole dancing pole do you choose?

There are many different brands of sport poles for pole dancing and pole fitness. The most popular pole and the pole chosen in pole fitness competitions in North America is X-Pole. Some other professional dance poles include Platinum Stage poles for permanent installation, Lupit pole and Lil Mynx.

Checklist before you order your pole:

  • Space

Space is important! You don't want to hurt yourself or bang your legs as swing! Make sure there is at least 5 feet from and shelves or furniture to avoid injury.

  • Stud Finder

You will need a stud finder to find the beam that will hold your pole. We recommend doing this first.

Deciding on your Dance Pole

There are many variation of poles on the market such as, stages, spinning poles, powder coated and even poles with rubber sleeves for optimal grip. What is the best pole for you? 

Here is a summary of the styles of X-Pole and what they are best used for:

  • X-Pert

This dance pole is the most popular because it has the option of spinning mode and static. Available in an array of finishes and fits ceiling from 7 5"-9 feet with extensions available for higher heights.

  • X-Pole Sport

This pole is great for at home. Available in many finishes this is a static dance pole. Available in an array of finishes and fits ceiling from 7 4"-9 feet with extensions available for higher heights.X-Stage

  • X-Pert Silicone

This pole has a silicone sleeve on it available in pink or black it is made for sticking. You can pole with your clothes on and not have to worry about slipping. You can choose static or spin mode with this pole and it adjusts to 7 4"-9 feet.

  • X-Stage

Available with a stage platform or choose the Lite making the stage flush to the ground. This Pole has spins and static mode with 13 feet high of pole. You can also replace the top part to adjust to ceiling heights by purchasing an additional extension. This pole is great for outside fun events and parties!

Visit our Pole Boutique to choose your pole or read more about each type listed above.




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