DIY Glitter Heels

DIY Glitter Heels

Add some sparkle in your step or save scuffed up heels by making them glittery!

Glittering heels is a great way to make yourself a custom pair of heels that no one else has. It is also great for making sad scuffed up heels beautiful again and won't cost you that much in supplies. 

What you need:
-Modge Podge (Got it from Michael's Canada)
-Sponge Brush (If you use this taping isn't really needed if your careful)
-Fine glitter ( I used holographic glitter also from
-Plastic Pleaser heels

Apply thin coats and glitter in sections, your shoes will need two coats. If they get scuffed when you wear them it is easy to fix them up by applying more glue and glitter.
Let your shoes dry a full 24 hours before wearing so the glue sets. I didn't add a top coat over my final glitter coat but if you use glossy Mode Podge you can so you don't lose glitter all over your dance floor. I find they sparkle more when I don't gloss over but if you are taking off outfits they can catch on the glitter.

You can also get crafty with your glitter and make stencils tape outlines and so on. I would love to see your glittery heels if you make them please tag us on Instagram @cherry_blossom_boutique_

Happy Glittering!



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