Pleaser Shoes NEW Releases - The Most Durable Heels

You may have noticed that we have added lots of NEW styles to our site lately! Pleaser has released these Glitter heels that we find incredibly durable! If you find yourself ruining your heels quickly we highly recommend investing in these glittery heels.

Recommended Styles:

Adore 701LG

This is our favourite heel! Available in clear straps and no straps, this heel is comfortable and will hold up to your heel clack and floor fuckery!

Sky 310LG

This style has a thicker heel and is available in silver, gold and black Maryjane sandals.

Flamingo 808LG

Need an extra inch? The flamingo's also come in this glittery goodness with built in straps or slides. You may also choose to use removable straps.

So try them out and let us know how they hold up! Stay tuned for more shoe NEWS💕



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