Pole Dancer's Christmas List

Pole Dancer's Christmas List

What I want for Christmas...


With the holidays right around the corner one of our staff members decided to write a wish list to our old friend Santa Clause.


Dear Santa, 

 I have been a very good girl ALL year... well mostly.  This year I would love it if you left me the following things under my tree: 


  1. Pleasers

Santa, I know what you are thinking: "How could anyone walk in those?!?!'.  But these shoes are the most comfortable things I have worn in a long time.  There is so much arch support and I love the way they sparkle.  There are tons of different styles to choose from, and they even have different sized heels (just in case I am feeling a little naughty). 


  1. Pole Shorts 

Working out is hard when I am not wearing the proper clothing.  Pole shorts keep everything that I don't want showing tucked away while allowing me to grip the pole properly and safely and who could resist these adorable different styles?  If you have trouble picking one style my favourites are the cute unicorn shorts by Defying Gravity Active Wear!


  1. Dry Hands and Dew Point 

These are definitely what I want in my stocking this year please! My skin gets very dry in the winter which causes me to slip. I don't want to get hurt so I spray my legs with Dew point which helps moisturize my skin and make it grip the pole.  Dry Hands helps me when my hands get all sweaty.  When I use these products I feel unstoppable, and I feel secure enough to try new and more advanced moves.  So please leave these for me!


  1. X-Pole

I don't know if I have been good enough for this gift Santa, but if you think I have been extra special please send me an X-pole. These are such amazing quality, and they have a variety of sizes that I can choose from.  I don't think you could fit this gift under the tree though...


  1. Dance Classes

Now the best part of all with these gifts is that I get to use them in class with my friends.  I love the variety of different classes offered at Cherry Blossom Studio, especially the Wednesday flexibility class.  But if you come a little early this year Santa, I would love it if you signed me up for the special holiday workshops being offered on the 2nd of December!  The Circuit Training would help me get stronger and smash my 2018 New Year's Resolutions, and the Twerkshop seems like it would be such a blast!


Santa I know this might be a lot to ask for, and I know how hard your little elves work.  Don't worry, you can buy all of these things for me at the Cherry Blossom Aerial Dance Studio boutique!


I promise I won't forget to leave you some milk and cookies. 


Mistress Mae 



Sold Out