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Pole Fitness Clothes

When it comes to workout clothing you want to be able to move, feel comfortable and of course look sexy AF! Well you should expect the same in your pole wear! Since we are climbing, mounting flipping in every direction on the pole and floor it's important to select clothing that moves with you and doesn't cut into you or disrupt your pole workouts.

All of our clothing that we select is tested out by our team of aerialist instructors at Cherry Blossom Studio. From small to tall and curvy and thin we want to offer you different cuts and styles that accentuate your body and keep you feeling and looking your best.

Here are some reviews on Pole Shorts for every body type from the girls at Cherry Blossom Studio.

For Petite Pole Dancers here are our top 3 Pole Dancing Shorts:

1. Betty Short - By Mika Yoga Wear

2. Mikaela Short - By Mika Yoga Wear

3. Cindy Short - By Rad Pole Wear

We find the best fit for petite pole dancers are the Betty short by Mika Yoga Wear. They fit smaller than most of their other styles and offer great coverage. The Mikaela short has side ties and is a little more cheeky than the Betty short. A new favourite is the Cindy Short, this low cut style features mesh siding a super lush fabric.

For Curvy Pole Dancers here are our top 3 Pole Dancing Shorts:

1. Bad Azz Shorts - By Josiah Grant ( Bad AZZ)

2. Vitoria Short - By Yogabela 

3. The Lucia Short - By Mika Yoga Wear

Bad Azz shorts are a favourite among Cherry Blossom Studio instructors and students they literally fit all sizes! We find they don't fit petite students as well though but are a favourite for pretty much every body type. The Yogabela Vitoria shorts are the most comfortable, breathable fabric that stretches without digging or cutting in. These are my personal favourite shorts. The Lucia shorts are like the Mikaela but offer more booty coverage and are not as low cut as the Mikaela shorts. These shorts are a favourite among my ladies with big booty's😉

Want a little Extra Coverage?! Here are our favourite Pole Fitness Shorts:

1. Eve Short - By Rad Pole Wear

2. Luna Short - By Mika Yoga Wear

3. Bad Azz Shorts ( Yes we ❤️ them!)

We love the high wasted Eve shorts from Rad Pole Wear. They come in velvet or a nice breathable fabric in fun colours. Luna shorts are great for avoiding muffin tops at all costs and offer ample booty coverage. Of course we had to include our Bad Azz shorts once you own one pair you will want more!

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