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What are the best Pole Dancer Heels for you?!

Our workout heels are way better than any other sport out there! Need help choosing the best style for you? Here are some tips for selecting your stripper shoes, exotic dance heels, pleaser heels whatever you like to call them😉

What Height is Right for Me?

While choosing your height there are few things to think about. Where will you be dancing and do you have enough room? What Look are you trying to get across and what are you using them for?

If you work as a dancer in a club and the ceilings are short and you are tall you may not want 8 inch heels because it's not sexy to walk on like hunched over😂 You may prefer a shorter heel to be safe. If you are looking to do lots of heel clacks you will want a minimum 7 inch heel to get a nice "bang" on the belly of the platform shoes.

What Style is Best for Me?

While selecting your style of shoe, if you have wider feet you may prefer the clear plastic straps this way you can get the perfect width by taking a hair dryer to the plastic to stretch it out then putting your foot in to mold it to the perfect fit! 

If you are new to wearing stripper heels we suggest getting a style that includes ankle straps or if they are a slide you can purchase the removable ankle straps, which by the way I find they offer better support than the ones that come attached.

Want to protect your shins and legs while practicing climbing and conditioning? When I first started pole dancing, I found that thigh high boots protected my legs when I learned how to climb and grab. If you find you sweat easily they also give you that extra grip. When purchasing closed toe Pleaser boots we recommend going up one size.

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