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Permanent Vaulted Ceiling Mount for X-Pert - Cherry Blossom Studio

Permanent Vaulted Ceiling Mount for X-Pert

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The X-Pert Vaulted Mount 40mm, 45mm, 50mm is for vaulted or slanted ceilings.


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Compatible with:

40mm, 45mm, 50mm
X-Pert poles (2010 – current)
Dimensions : 4″ x 7″

X-Pert Vaulted Mount with Vaulted Top Adapter will work only for the X-Pert Pole. Vaulted mount is permanent and needs to be drilled into a stud/beam. Screws are not included so please purchase 4 screws that work for the surface on which you are mounting. Mount replaces the ceiling dome. Pole can be disassembled as needed. Only the mount remains permanently attached to the ceiling. ONLY AVAILABLE IN SILVER.



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